Located in Midway, Kentucky

We're not just a place, we're an experience!

Kismet Farms is nestled into 150 acres of glistening blue grass, rolling hills which separate our three plateaus of farm function with pure visual joy, towering trees, and surrounded by an extremely unique stretch of the majestic and adored Elkhorn Creek.  The farm has four barns, 18 fenced paddocks and fields, and two houses.  We set up the farm to be an exclusive boutique, and designed the operational lay out of our buildings, paddocks, and fields to cater to thoroughbred racing enthusiasts that breed, sell, and ultimately run for the roses.  Our passion for your success is what makes Kismet Farms special; our farm is not just a place, it is an experience, not only for the horses, but our clients as well! 

Broodmares Broodmares

We are passionate about thoroughbred racing and the ladies that make the magic come to life, the mares. We have designed Kismet Farms to be the ultimate broodmare nursery; excellence in form, function, and dedicated to the service of these incredible horses. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that mares are not, “just mares”, they are the foundation of every great racehorse and we treat them as such.

We start every day with three simple principles; love the mares on our farm, respect their power, and gratitude for the opportunities the mares create for our business. We have built our business around these opportunities; we strive to be superior with our foaling fundamentals and imprint training, weaning philosophy, and horsemanship for preparing yearlings. Whether our mares are barren, in foal, or with a foal by their side, they will graze down by the creek, bask in the sun in The Biosphere, and love being home at Kismet Farms.

Yearling Prep Yearling Prep

Every thoroughbred breeder dreams of racing success, and every foal carries that potential for success. Whether that dream is to breed the sale topper or cross the finish line first, the early stages of life have a major impact on every foal throughout its journey to the end goal. At Kismet Farms we consider it an honor to participate in the journey, and we know that every foal is unique, just like its breeding, which is why we treat every foal as an individual with each owner’s ambition in mind.

“Of all the qualities that go into making a winner, none is more crucial nor more elusive than desire; it’s that will to win, the fire that separates the leaders from the pack.” Finding this fire, and nurturing it, from the moment a foal is born to the minute it leaves the farm for the next chapter in its life is every great horseman’s responsibility. When you consider this responsibility a privilege, and match that privilege with gratitude, the horse is the beneficiary and that is how we approach every single horse on our farm. Our horsemanship, our exclusivity, and our boutique approach to working with every horse are the differences you will experience at Kismet Farms.

EVENT Venues Event Venues

Kismet is more than just a thoroughbred farm, it’s an experience, with years of history and special locations all over the farm that add to the magic of this place. We provide these locations for special events like weddings, parties, corporate functions, and those unique occasions that need a unique environment to accomplish the purpose of the celebration. We love to share our farm and we love being a part of the occasions that forever engrain Kismet as part of life’s events!