Located in Midway, Kentucky

About the Farm



Kismet Farms is nestled into 150 acres of glistening blue grass, rolling hills which separate our three plateaus of farm function with pure visual joy, towering trees, and surrounded by an extremely unique stretch of the majestic and adored Elkhorn Creek.  The farm has four barns, 18 fenced paddocks and fields, and two houses.  We set up the farm to be an exclusive boutique, and designed the operational lay out of our buildings, paddocks, and fields to cater to thoroughbred racing enthusiasts that breed, sell, and ultimately run for the roses.  Our passion for your success is what makes Kismet Farms special; our farm is not just a place, it is an experience, not only for the horses, but our clients as well.  

Whether you drive down the curves of the main entrance lane or stroll the bends of the Elkhorn creek side, you will understand the allure of Kismet Farms.  We set up our farm to appeal to people with passion for their horses, and our amenities and unwavering strive for excellence in service to our clients and their horses is what sets us apart. The horse capital of the world has lots of places for horses, but there are only a few that offer an experience, and we welcome you and your horses to come and experience Kismet Farms.

Main BarnMain Barn

Our main barn is in the middle of the farm and sits on the highest point of the farm, Summit Point, and has 20 over-sized stalls with individual power and lights for every need, whether it is foaling mares or preparing horses for sales, our well ventilated and rubber paver lined barn is designed to make every horse feel safe and secure.


We have seven small paddocks strategically placed outside the main barn for mares and newborn foals, which we also use when it is time to prep foals or yearlings for sale. Opposite the small paddocks we have three large paddocks for horses that are ready for company, but not quite ready to run free. The placement of these paddocks makes a very special and user-friendly lane for all of the horses to see each other and still remain separated for safety.

Biosphere FieldsBiosphere Fields

On the north side of the farm we have, The Biosphere Fields, which are three large fully fenced fields for the horses that are ready for long days of grazing and wide-open spaces. The Biosphere Fields are relatively close to the main barn for management purposes, and the fields are all bordered by natural lines of trees which respectfully separates one field from the other giving us the ability to separate horses visually, but also allowing the gregarious nature of the horses to know there is additional company close in proximity.

Country SideCountry Side

On the south side of the farm, The Country Side, we have four very large creek fields, all fully fenced, surrounded by trees, and bordered by the Elkhorn Creek. The Country Side is truly the most magical part of the farm; the serenity and the purest sounds of nature make these fields truly charming and tranquil, not just for horses but for our clients as well.

Main ResidenceMain Residence

The main residence is a two-story brick home that was built prior to 1833 and once occupied by Robert James and Zerelda Cole, the parents of future outlaws Frank and Jesse James; Frank James was born in the house, another endearing fact to the historical charm of this incredible property that was once occupied by Native Americans, and later utilized by both Union and Confederate forces as passage in and out of Midway, a battleground and staging area during the Civil War.

The CottageThe Cottage

The Cottage is a reconstructed bank barn from an abandoned property in Versailles that was moved by hand onto the farm. The main level is all limestone and century old wood beams, while the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs are new additions, creating a unique blend of preserved history and modern day design and conveniences. The Cottage sits on a bluff overlooking the Elkhorn Creek and is isolated in the northeast corner of the farm, which allows our guests privacy and visual access to the beauty of Kismet Farms.